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“Not only is the voice a lovely affecting one, but her stage presence is way beyond average.”

meche kroop

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“In an arduous but brief walk-on, soprano Elizabeth Smith made a striking impression.”

john yolahem

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There are nice character touches, such as Elizabeth van Os as Jeff Sessions, sneaking cookies in and out of the “televised frame”

susan galbraith

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let’s talk about my favorite operas

let’s talk about my favorite operas

In 1925, Alban Berg's first opera Wozzeck was premiered in Berlin. He'd adapted the libretto himself from an unfinished stage play by Georg Büchner, who left the work fragmented and incomplete when he died at the age of 23. Büchner had a death worthy of an operatic...

this is a test

this is a test

2022 Sometimes, I wonder what my life would have looked like if I had stayed in Idaho after I finished my undergrad. I imagine that I would have eventually found a mormon man who was willing to overlook my general lack of faith and obsession with rules. I might have...